At PawsCo, we take pride in the fact that our organization is run like a business, with the heart of a nonprofit. Our team is an incredible group of energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate volunteers who successfully and directly impact the community on a daily basis. We empower our volunteers to discover their passions, utilize their strengths, and give what they can, when they can. Want to join us?

Becoming a volunteer is easy–but we do have a few simple steps that need to be completed first. All volunteers must fill out a volunteer application, attend volunteer orientation, and pass a background check before officially being approved as a PawsCo volunteer. The approval process can take up to one month, depending on your availability and the orientation schedule.

Not sure how you’d like to volunteer? No worries! During orientation, you will learn the details about each and every team we have. Then, you’ll be able to hand pick where you’d like to contribute. Once officially approved as a PawsCo volunteer, you will be matched up with a team (or two!) of your choosing and the fun can begin. We’re so thrilled to have you join us!

Get started

Step one: Step one: Check out our current needs and open positions listed.

Step two: Complete the Volunteer Application.

Step three: The PawsCo Volunteer Team will review your application and direct you through the volunteer onboarding process. This includes attending orientation, reading and signing the Volunteer Agreement, and passing the background check.

Step four: Based on your selections at orientation, you will be connected with the team of your choosing.

Our team of volunteers will contact you within 48 hours of your application to let you know we have received your paperwork. For questions, please email volunteer@pawscoadoptions.org.