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Meet Toby!

Hound Mix
7 years
45 lbs.

Good day to all my Colorado colleagues! My name is Toby, and I’m a hound mix named after my favorite character from The Office, Toby Flenderson. Just like my redheaded namesake, I’m speckled with beige and tan all over my cute little noggin, and I’m just a tad shy when you first meet me.

But unlike Toby, I’m every bit the people-pup that you’d expect from someone who smiles like he’s Jim looking at Pam. I love everybody, and I mean every single adult human, little human and fellow canine I’ve ever met. I even like the toddler in my foster home! I haven’t yet been introduced to any feline friends, but I bet I’d find them as entertaining as a Pam and Jim prank on Dwight. I live for snuggles and belly rubs from anyone willing to give me love. I don’t need to be confined to a cubicle..ahem…crate…and I love curling up on the couch or my dog bed when my foster family is away.

One quick memo: I am diabetic and I receive daily insulin to help me stay healthy. The cost of my insulin is about $40/month and I need to be on a special food as well. I’m doing great now that I am getting the care I need! And the folks at PawsCo can give you all the details of my medical condition.

If your ideal plans include staying home and binge-watching The Office on Netflix, I might be the pup to cuddle up right next to you! Are you the branch manager for me? If so, take a look at this information page: and email to set up a meet and greet at PawsCo. I’d love to be the Dwight to your Angela,  the Michael to your Holly, and of course the Jim to your Pam!

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