A Tale of Two Brugs, and Why You Might Want to Adopt Them

Two small pug mix dogs sit on a wood floor while wearing sweaters.

Pixie, left, and Chewy, right, ready to head outside.

By Britton Slagle, Pixie and Chewy’s foster mom

What is a Brug?

A Brug is a Brussels Griffon/Pug mix, which seems to sum up Chewy’s ancestry. Given that Pixie is his mother and we are not exactly sure what she is mixed with, we call her an honorary Brug – we know she’s part Brussels Griffon for sure!

A tan pug mix with a black face lies on a blue blanketWhen I first met Pixie and Chewy, admittedly, I  laughed; they are so silly looking! Under bites, wiry fur, and the best part, mohawks! I’ve never seen dogs like them before. Their personalities are just as unique. Pixie is sweet, calm, and very cuddly. Chewy is hilarious and spunky, but can be just as snugly. I quickly got to know them and have enjoyed each day with these two sweet souls. Let me tell you a little about the“Brug.”

A Brug is hilarious

These two make me laugh daily, whether I want to or not. Chewy does this funny thing where he will run down the stairs and slide on the kitchen floor until he hits either my legs or the wall. But don’t worry! He just gets up and does it again.

He also likes to talk to me in a way that only Chewy can (this you have to see for yourself – I can’t explain it!). Pixie eats breakfast, runs up to the couch, rubs her face in the cushions, and then looks at me with her mohawk like, “What are you looking at? Me?”

They both shake their bodies with all their might, and when they’re done, their mohawks appear as if out of nowhere – it’s Brug magic!A tan Brug lies on a blue blanket

A Brug is a cuddle bug

Pixie would sleep all day and night if she could. She gets so comfy and then falls fast asleep. She isn’t a bother, but simply wants to be by me while she enjoys her dreams. Chewy has to get a little energy out first, but once he’s done, he’s out like a light. Chewy wakes up early in the morning, stretches out like a lion, and yawns his biggest yawn.

They both snore a little, but it’s the cute kind, not the kind where I want to kick them out of bed. I often have to work several hours at night and on the weekends, but they don’t mind too much. They cuddle up next to me and sleep while I work – yes, I do get jealous. They let me know when it is time to put my work down and play with them. I listen; they have taught me well.

Two Brugs lie on their backs with their mouths open facing each other.

Just some Brug lounge time.

A Brug is smart

They are both very smart. Each has learned numerous tricks, including shake, watch me, touch, let’s go, and turn around. They are still reactive to other animals, but we are working on that. They are quick to please their humans. Chewy is very food-motivated and Pixie likes her snacks, too, but loves the praise she receives when she learns something new.

A Brug is your new family member

I do not think people can really appreciate Pixie and Chewy in all their Brugness without meeting them. They truly are a joy to have around. I want them to share the love and joy they bring me with a family all their own. They deserve this much; I think a lucky family deserves this much, too.

Please visit their page or send PawsCo an email to meet them (meetup@pawscoadoptions.org). They could very well be the two Brugs you never knew you needed in your life. 🙂

Two Brugs stand together wearing green bandannas

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