Why Spay/Neuter?

PawsCo is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization which facilitates spay and neuter clinics to assist low-income families, and animal shelters in their infancy. Our ultimate goal is make Colorado a leader in reducing pet overpopulation by community outreach programs that serve subsidize spay/neuter needs. This can be accomplished by having clinics that service low-income families and allow local vets to subsidize their cost to the public, which will benefit all parties involved. Our initial goal is to provide quarterly spay/neuter outreach with our mobile clinic, and in the future conduct outreach clinics every other month. We will expand our services on a monthly basis, once we have significant funding.  Also, we believe with the addition of our new mobile clinic, we can broaden our service to various remote and hard to reach locations.

Having a mobile spay/neuter mobile clinic will provide a proactive and aggressive sterilization approach to get ahead of unwanted pet population numbers in the State of Colorado. We currently spay and neuter 500 animals per year through our existing program with local veterinary clinics. With a high volume spay and neuter clinic that focuses only on this objective, we could easily reach 1,000 sterilizations in the first year, with the ability to expand to as many as 8,000 within five years. We strongly believe that this aggressive approach will have a significant impact by greatly reducing the number of animals being euthanized in area shelters, which will directly save money for those agencies. The current cost to euthanize an animal is around $65.00. Multiply that by the thousands of animals being euthanized every year, and it quickly adds up to significant cost reductions for publically funded animal control agencies. The need is great and the sooner we can get started the sooner we can make a dent in the overpopulation problem. Currently, there are some animal control agencies in southern Colorado with euthanasia rates in excess of 65%, with some as high as 80%. Most of these are pets that are turned in by owners when they have kittens or puppies, and they can no longer afford the food and veterinary care. With a low cost alternative, many of these people would be willing to spay or neuter these pets and no longer head to animal control every time they have unwanted litters. We are in a strong position to accomplish our goal to start a spay and neuter clinic.