Small package FULL of Love

By: Sarah Davis, PawsCo Adoption Team Volunteer

I was asked to share my experience as a Chihuahua owner and the phrases you see above were the first things to flow from my fingers. As an avid hiker, runner and lover of collies, if you would have asked me 9+ years ago if I would become the owner of a dog you can fit in a purse I would have laughed at you.  But alas I sit here telling the story…

cocoWhen I met my little bundle of joy she weighed a small 1.5 pounds and came wiggling up onto my lap.  I didn’t initially plan on taking home a small pooch that day but she immediately stole my heart with her big brown eyes and bat like ears.  She did a little ‘mir cat’ like stance at me to capture my attention and she never left my side.

After coming home with a dog that fit in the palm of my hand you can imagine the strife looming over me … I now had to justify this little nugget of love to everyone who was going to compare me to Paris Hilton.  So I looked at this small sweet little creature and told her we could face the world together and that we were going to break the stereotype, and we have.

Weighing in now at an overly-healthy 6 pounds for her little frame (thanks to her grand parents) this little pup has been nothing but stellar.  She’s the sweetest, most loyal, walk loving, lap-loving pup.

While people have always been skeptical of these small creatures, I knew from the start she was stellar. She will love you, stand by you, lay in your lap and accompany you virtually anywhere you want to go.  Chihuahuas can be the best furry friends as you can see from the wonderful experience of our adaptors and the ones I have had. They are some of the best life long companions one could ever ask for.  I challenge you to take another look at these sweet little creatures and understand that they could completely change your life forever!

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