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PawsCo is unique in its commitment to incorporating a training component into the rescue process. While the PawsCo Training Team provides training support and resources for Fosters & Foster animals, we also work to educate the public about proper training techniques and provide informational resources so everyone can better understand their furry family members. While the links on this page are a great place to start, they should be used for informational purposes only. PawsCo does not guarantee the information provided on this website.

We encourage owners to ask a qualified professional with any questions, and remember to only use positive reinforcement techniques. Find a list of our Preferred Training Partners here.

FAQs (coming soon)

Below are common questions fosters and new adopters have. Click on a question to get some helpful information!

How do I introduce a foster/new dog to my family/pets?

How do I socialize a foster/new puppy?

How do I teach my foster/new dog basic commands?

How do I help my foster/new dog with separation anxiety?

How do I show my foster/new dog how to walk on leash/decrease leash reactivity?

How do I help my foster/new dog companion transition into our new home and what should I expect during that transition?

How do I potty train a dog?

How do I become a pack leader?

What should I do if my dog is aggressive?

Body Language: Reading it, understanding it, and how it can help

General Information

Behavior Issues

Sites that are good for general training and behavior information