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Adoptable pets at PawsCo

Lost (or found) an animal?
Check out our Lost Animals page.

Financial problems?
If you’re going through a difficult financial situation and are in danger of losing an animal, please view our Financial Resources page.

If you’re in need of temporary housing for your pet because of unforeseen circumstances, please view our Temporary Assistance page.

Need an emergency preparedness plan for your pets?
What would happen to your animal in the case of an emergency situation? Learn more about planning for your pet’s future and the best ways to secure lifetime care of your pet.

Looking for other animal resources?
Because PawsCo is 100 percent volunteer run, we rely on many different resources. If you’re looking for a veterinarian, trainer, doggy daycare, or other animal services, check out our Partnerships page.  

Animal behavior concerns?
Every animal will go through an adjustment phase when first adopted. Correcting problem issues requires patience and training. To learn more about training tips, visit our Training page.