Jeter, an Adoptable Dog Who Lives Up to His Legendary Namesake

A white and brown dog.

By Brie & Jeff Agulia

Jeter is much like his namesake, Derek Jeter. He is tough, but loves to cuddle. He is strong, but a lover. He is very loyal, and wants to go with you anywhere you go. Jeter LOVES to take rides in the car. This adoptable dog listens well and has no problem going in his kennel when it’s time for foster mom and dad to leave for a bit.

A white and brown dog lies on grass.He is easy-going, and the entire time he has been living with us he has never chewed on something he wasn’t supposed to. He knows which are his toys and which are not. He loves to play tug of war with his toys or chase them down the hallway and bring them back to you. Jeter will let you know when he needs to go outside, but never gets in trouble out there. He may say “HI!” to the neighbor dog at the fence, but it is harmless.

Jeter even has his own form of communication with you and will “talk” to you if you are repeating what he says. He has so many funny positions he lies in to get comfortable. Jeter loves kids and adults alike–he will give you kisses if you want them or just sit in front of you so you can pet him. He loves to go on walks, but needs some training there. He really prefers people to other animals.

A white and brown dog lies on the ground while chewing on a purple balllThe perfect home for Jeter is with people who want a loyal pup who will show you unconditional love. He will make you laugh, and compel you to play with him. A yard is ideal for Jeter, as dog parks and walks aren’t the best environment for him. He doesn’t need to get out much and is happy just playing in the backyard or in the house. You won’t be disappointed with this legend…..he will leave a mark on your heart and your family forever.

Learn more about Jeter, in his own words.

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