Meet Winnie!

Meet Winnie!

American Pit Bull Terrier mix
2 years old
45 lbs.

Winnie here! People say I’m always smiling, and that is true! But who wouldn’t be smiling when they’re a PawsCo pup?! I’ve met the best people here at PawsCo, and they tell me that life is only getting better from here. If it’s possible, my smile’s gonna grow even wider when I find my forever family!

Let’s talk about things that make this girl smile!

  • Belly rubs? You bet!
  • Toys? The squeakier the better!
  • Walks? Love them as well as hikes and runs and any chance to be active!
  • Naps? Duh! I love to exercise, but I’ve got a couch potato side too.
  • Humans? Of course! (I can be a little shy when first meeting them, but that doesn’t last long!)
  • Dogs? Some pups make me a little nervous (especially the bigger ones!) but I probably wouldn’t mind an easy-going pal who can be patient with me as I get to know them! But would also do just great as the only pup in the house.
  • Squirrels? Pure evil. (I do my part my chasing them any chance I get!)

There’s just SO much to smile about these days, and I can’t wait to share my perma-grin with my forever family! And THEY will be smiling when they see what a good girl I am in the house! No accidents for this girl. I also love my crate and like to take naps there. Sure, I’m a youngin’ and still learning a few tricks of the trade (like not jumping up when I’m just so excited, and not to pull on the leash) but I’m a smart girl and am picking up on them quickly!  

I’m so excited to be a PawsCo pup and even more excited to meet my forever family! So let’s make that happen, shall we? Email my friends at and fill out an adoption application on the PawsCo website today!

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