Meet Valentina!

Meet Valentina!

Labrador Mix
2 years old
64 lbs.

Are you looking for a lowkey pal? If so, I just might be your girl. My name is Valentina, and I just want to cuddle up and please my people.

I’m only two, but I’m what you might call an “old soul.” I am very sweet and love getting attention, but don’t get too excited and in your face, although I will put my head in your lap to let you know that I’m there and ready for pets whenever you might want to give them.

I am gentle with kids and am still figuring out cats, but I’m nice to them too. I get along just fine with other dogs too. For the most part, I just want to be with my people and make them happy in any way I can.

Does a nice mellow pal sound good to you? If so, contact my friends by emailing and check out this information page:

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