Meet Roger!

Meet Roger!

White German Shepherd/Husky Mix
12 years old

Well, hello there. I’m Roger and I’m an old soul.

I may not see or hear as well as I used to, but I’m still observant and my life on the streets has made me grateful for the comforts of home. I would never snap and no one has heard me bark. I find the presence of other dogs pleasant (especially if they aren’t hyperactive) and have wonderful leash manners.

Now I’m hoping to find a forever home for my golden years. I won’t be a bother because I’m respectful and polite. I’ll let others go about their business while I find a nice place to nap. Basically I’m “low maintenance” and “mellow,” as the youngsters say. Plus, I hear it’s incredibly rewarding to give a senior dog like me the chance to feel comfortable and loved in our twilight years.

If you’re looking for a way to make a huge difference for a sweet old gentleman, please email my friends at PawsCo at or visit this information page to learn more: Thank you so much!

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