Meet Priscilla!

Meet Priscilla!

Border Collie
12 years old
38 lbs.

Hello – pleased to meet you! My name is Priscilla and at the age of 12 I found myself in a shelter and not feeling the best. Luckily, I’ve met some amazing people and now I’m getting all the love and attention I’ve been craving. There’s only one thing missing; my forever family!

My ideal family would like to:

1) Cuddle on the couch
2) Snuggle in bed
3) Go for a few low-key walks followed by more snuggling

I guess you can tell I really enjoy attention and being loved on. I love people and I’m even great with kids (but you probably could have guessed that from my laid back personality). I haven’t met any cats yet but I’ve met plenty of other dogs and I get along with them just fine too.

Since I’m a little older now I’m not very interested in running around and chasing after toys but I do looooove a comfy dog bed. In fact, I’m not too fond of sharing my bed with other pups but usually a quick bark lets them know the deal!

If you’re looking for someone to curl up with after a hectic Saturday, lounge with on a Sunday, or just de-stress with during the week then email my friends at PawsCo at and check out this information page:!


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