Meet Percy!

Meet Percy!

Labrador Retriever/American Bulldog Mix
9 years old
70 lbs.

Hi! As I’m sure you can tell by my smile, I am a total sweetheart and I just can’t wait to give all my love to an amazing forever family.

I love every person I meet and I’m so gentle with kids. I have a really easy going energy and I’m happy with relaxing around the house and enjoying moderate exercise. Just one good 1- to 2-mile walk each day is enough to tire me out! Then, I’m ready for my favorite activity: cuddling! I also love to roll on the ground and do this cute snorting. I’ll even snore myself to sleep! I live with a few dogs in my foster home and, while it took me a bit of time to build trust for them, I do really well and even play with them when I’m in a playful mood! As long as a dog is friendly and accepting of me, I will do well with a dog in a forever home as well as long as my new family can help me build that initial trust. I haven’t met any cats yet so I’m not sure how I would do with a cat friend.

If you open your home to me, it’s important to know that I have something called Cushing’s Disease, which basically means that my body produces too much of a hormone called cortisol. Not to worry as I am on medication that manages the disease and makes me feel so much better! I am also on a blood pressure medication as well. The total cost of my medication is about $85-$100/month (depending on where you get the prescriptions filled.) I’m hoping for a very special family who will love me for my big heart and take care of my health so that we can enjoy many happy memories together.

So if you’re looking for a smiley girl to brighten each day, please email my friends at PawsCo at and visit this information page: to learn more about me. Thank you so much!

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