Meet Patches!

Meet Patches!

Australian Shepherd
8 years old
75 lbs.

Do you know any of those kinds of people who are just happy all the time? Maybe you’re one of those people yourself. Well I’m definitely one of those dogs.

I’m Patches, and my consistent happiness comes from the fact that there’s pretty much nothing I don’t love. People, other dogs, kids, you name it. I love them all. I’m super affectionate too, and love getting attention from my people, but I also know how to be self-sufficient.

Another thing I love is going for walks, which is for the best, because, well I have a little bit of weight to lose. My new forever family will need to work with me on getting my weight down, but since I like getting outside for walks so much, it shouldn’t be too hard. One other thing I do that is good for my figure is lots of wiggling. I get so excited that I just can’t help but wiggle my back end, especially when the leash comes out for a walk.

My friends at PawsCo would be happy to set up a time for us to get to know each other and see if I love you as much as I love everything else (I bet I will). Email them at and check out this information page:

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