Meet Otto!

Meet Otto!

1 year old
6 lbs.

Hi there, my name is Otto and boy am I glad to be here at PawsCo! See, the place I was living before was SUPER crowded and I’m so happy to have some space for myself.

I love to play with toys, especially my little chihuahua-sized Kong. And playing with other dogs is just the best, especially if it means running around outside. I love all the dogs I’ve met, and get so excited sometimes with I play with them that I even prance around a little bit. I haven’t met any cats yet, but I bet I’d get along with them okay. They’re about my size, right?

Because my old house was so full, I didn’t get a lot of attention from humans, so I’m still learning how to be comfortable with them. But, with some love and patience, I know that I can learn to be just the best dog you know. I am slowly learning at my foster home. I follow my foster mom around the house and sometimes I even give her a little kiss on the leg when she’s not looking.

So if you’re a patient person who can teach a playful, fun boy to love, let my friends at PawsCo know my emailing and check out this information page

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