Meet Oreo!

Meet Oreo!

Domestic Medium Hair
7 years old
10 lbs.

They call me Oreo. And when they call me, I usually answer in my own quiet voice. I haven’t learned your language yet, but I’m working on it. I’ve already learned a lot of other things by living with people.

It took me a little while to get used to being in a real home. I spent some time living outside before I was put in a shelter. I was so scared there that I hid in the back of my cage the whole time. The people didn’t think I would ever get adopted because I was terrified of everything outside of my little metal box.

But then PawsCo got me and put me in a real home—with treats, and toys, and catnip, and a great window seat! I like all of that, but most of all I like the person in the real home. I hid from him at first, but then I noticed how nice he was to me. He gives me lots of head and belly rubs. Now I follow him around everywhere to get more of those. I guess I’ve always just wanted to be around people who give me head and belly rubs.

I’m still scared of some things, and it takes me awhile to feel safe in new places. But I really like people now. I even like the other cat I live with. I’ve met some dogs and some kids too—both are pretty good if they’re quiet and don’t bother me too much.

If someone makes me feel safe and loved, I’m going to stay with them forever. If you want me to stay with you forever, email or fill out an application at

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