Meet Molly!

Meet Molly!


Domestic Long Hair


11 years old
14 lbs.


Purr, purr, purr, purr…oh hi there! Don’t mind me, I was just doing what I do best: purring in contentment. My name is Molly, and I’m looking for that special someone to be my purrfect cuddle buddy.

A little about me: I absolutely love people. I love attention, and I love to just be near YOU. One of my favorite things to do is follow my human around and see what he’s up to. I promise to always keep you company, and if you look like you’re thinking about something way too hard, I’ll bring you back to the lighter side of life with a little “meow” and tap of the paw. I think we can both agree, petting me will be much more rewarding!

While I do enjoy batting around some toys my, favorite way to spend the day is by snoozing and snuggling up with my people. I’d love to cuddle up with while you read, cuddle up with while you watch a movie, cuddle up with and just stare into each others’ eyes…well you get the idea! If you’re looking for a mellow, fabulously fluffy companion, then I’m your girl!

Ready for a little love in your life? Reach out to my friends at PawsCo at or just go straight to the adoption application here: and let’s make a date!

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