Meet Minnie!

Meet Minnie!

American Staffordshire Terrier Mix
2 years old
44 lbs.

Whew, sorry I’m a little out of breath. I have a hard time slowing down from playing sometimes, but for a forever family, I can definitely take a break!

My name is Minnie, and I just love to run and play. Hiking, jogging, I love it all. And if you like those things too, we might just be a match. I love to play with toys and with other dogs too, and my foster mom says it’s especially cute to watch me play with little dogs. I’m pretty curious about cats and sometimes I get a little too intense in my attempts to play with them, so it might be best if I’m in a house that doesn’t have any.

I’m a cuddly girl too, but I don’t lick a bunch like some dogs do, so if that’s not your thing, I’m definitely your girl. But I do love to snuggle up to my people and am really affectionate. And guess what else? I’m not just athletic and affectionate, I’m smart too. I know a bunch of tricks and am learning more all the time.

I do have some itchy skin right now and my nice vet told me to eat a special kind of prescription food. I may also need to be on allergy medication. My friends at PawsCo can talk to you more about my medical needs.

So what do you say? Are you up for a girl who’s the whole package? Shoot my friends at PawsCo an email at and visit this information page


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