Meet Matilda!

Meet Matilda!

Domestic Short Hair
9 months
5 lbs. (and growing!)


Matilda’s the name and I have magical, mystical kitten powers. I may be shy because of my rough start in life, but like a phoenix rising from the ashes, I’ve been able to come out from under my cape to spread love, cuddles, and purrs wherever I go.

Since magic is exhausting work, I can often be found napping. And if you can’t find me at all, it’s not because I am being timid and decided to hide. No. No. It’s that I am practicing my disappearing tricks. Poof! Let’s just say, the disappearing tricks are my favorite ones to practice.

My magic has allowed me to be a young, independent artist, but truth be told, I wouldn’t mind going to a forever home that has other budding magicians too. I could see myself enjoying dog, cat, and little human magicians alike.

If you need some enchantment in your life, look no further!  You can contact my friends at and fill out an adoption application at to learn more!

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