Meet Maeby!

Meet Maeby!


American Pit Bull Terrier Mix


7 years old

52 lbs.


Well hello there world! The name is Maeby, but the answers are most definitely YES! Am I potty trained? Am I good with humans? Am I good with other dogs? Yes, yes yes. I am a spunky gal who still enjoys my youth. I love to go on walks and play with toys. I spend a lot of time staring at and chasing my own shadow. How could I resist?! I am adorable! Am I part feline?! Maeby- okay okay, no I am not, but aren’t I funny?!

I get very excited when I know I will get belly rubs. My whole body wiggles with glee, and my submissive roll to the ground always makes my humans swoon. What can I say, I am a pleaser. I’m an all star cuddle buddy and I love car rides. I sleep with my humans at night, but I can be crated when need be. I walk nice on a leash, and look adorable on a couch. I like to think I am the total package.

So what do you say? Could I be the next love bug to fill your home with love? If you think, MAEBY, please get in touch with my friends at PawsCo at and fill out this adoption application:  I look forward to meeting you!

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