Meet Lilly!

Meet Lilly!

Calico, Domestic Short Hair
1 year old
6.4 lbs.

So, I was having a chat with myself just yesterday and I asked myself, “Lilly, what would make you the happiest cat ever?” The more I thought about it, the more I decided to tell myself how much I would just love to be part of a cute little family. You know, one with maybe another cat or a calm dog. Maybe one with a couple of older kids that would pet me and love me and never chase me. Ooh! One with a kind and gentle soul that would look into my beautiful eyes and know, just know instantaneously, how much of a kind and gentle soul I am, too.

Then I asked myself, “But Lilly, that’s a pretty tall order! Are you sure you are worthy of such an awesome family?” Which was really a pretty silly question for such a confident cat as I am, because absolutely I am worthy of such an awesome family! I think I am the total cat package: friendly, funny, sweet, polite, and, might I add…beautiful! Okay, so maybe I’m a little shy at first, but I think that’s just part of my charm. I warm up super quickly and I am always nice to anyone who is nice to me.

I almost started to ask myself how I thought I could ever find such a great place to call home, but then I remembered that I am a PawsCo cat! PawsCo is going to hook me up! There is nothing in my way but an easy-peasy adoption application and a quick email to my PawsCo friends!

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