Meet Kira!

Meet Kira!

Domestic Shorthair
1 years old
8 lbs.

Trill! Chirp! Purr! I’m Kira and I’m so thrilled to meet you!

I’m a social gal and I just love snuggles and ear scratches. In fact, I’m overjoyed about my new career as a baker. Yep, I love to make biscuits with my paws–I could knead all day! They say the best bakers bake from the heart, and that’s exactly what I do. Pet my head, and I’ll make biscuits all day long. You could say my motto is: “Will work for love!”

It’s pretty adorable how much I love affection. I’ll stand on two legs against a hand or leg if it means leaning in for a scratch or pet! I’m a real sweetie. I also get along really well with other cat friends (and I’d likely do just fine with dog friends as well as long as they are gentle!) I don’t have any bad habits–I’m litter box trained and won’t wake you up. I’m not hyper–I’m pretty content to spend lots of time getting beauty sleep. Though when a catnip mouse comes out, I’ll make you laugh and smile while I roll around with that fun toy!

With a quiet house where I can receive and give love, I’ll rise to the occasion like the biscuits I love to make. They say cats have nine lives, and I’m counting on my second life being the best one yet!

If you’re looking for a friendly feline to join your family, please email or fill out an adoption application at That would be the cat’s meow!

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