Meet Keira!

Meet Keira!


Boxer mix


1 year old

55 lbs.


Hello my friends! How can I say that before even meeting you? Because I consider everyone my friend.

I love kids, I love adults, and I love other dogs. I’m just a girl with a heart bursting with joy and love for all!  My ideal home will give me the opportunities for exercise and play that make energetic Boxers like me happiest.

I am respectful of the other dog in my foster house, even when eating right next to him. I love playing with him but also will calm it down when he tells me it’s time to quit.  I am trainable and motivated to learn for you; I already know several tricks. I am curious about the family cat but politely leave her alone. I do well both when I’m crated and when I’m allowed free in the home while the humans are gone. I behave well with children and like to play but with my strength and youthful exuberance I might knock over a tiny one without realizing it.

I am making good progress with walking on a leash, but I’m a strong girl and will pull to meet another dog when I see one. But continued practice will help me tame my eagerness to socialize.

So, in a nutshell I’m as affectionate as the day is long and get along with creatures great and small. Sound good? Okay, let’s seal the deal and meet soon! Please contact to make a date with me after you fill out this application

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