Meet Joey!

Meet Joey!





1 year old

9 lbs.


Hi, I’m Joey! Do you know what a joey is? It’s a baby kangaroo, of course, and just like a joey, I like to jump!

Because my legs are so little, I’ve found that the quickest way to get places, whether it’s playing fetch or just running around the yard, is to jump. I take long hops, just like a joey would, and I get where I’m going so much faster. When I’m not hopping, though, I really love getting cuddles and belly rubs from humans, and of course treats are great too.

My foster brother is a little guy like me, so we spend a lot of time playing together. I like other dogs too, but I haven’t met any cats yet, or those little humans some people have.

Are you ready to take biggest hop of them all with me? Ask my friends at PawsCo for more information by emailing and filling out this adoption application:

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