Meet Hooky!

Meet Hooky!


American Pit Bull Terrier Mix


7 months old
42 lbs. (and growing!)

Hi hi hi! My name is Hooky and I’m so excited to meet you! Despite the name I promise not to slack off when it comes to snuggles and play time!

So here’s the thing; I’m an adorably goofy puppy but I’ve had a bit of a tough start to life. I can be a little shy and fearful at first but once I get to know you I’m a typical bouncy puppy that’s all about toys and treats! For now, I’m just taking everything really slowly and making sure I feel totally comfortable before opening up. I get especially anxious if I have to go to the vet or any other loud/busy building. It reminds me a lot of the shelter and I definitely do NOT want to go back there!

My foster family has been great and I’ve been learning all kinds of new things. For example, I know tricks like “sit” and “down” and even run to my kennel on command! I love my kennel because it’s my safe place so I don’t mind spending time in there if you’re not home. The quickest way to my heart is through T-R-E-A-T-S! I’m a very smart pup and catch on extra quickly if there’s a little incentive. I also love going for walks and chewing on squeaky toys. It’s the simple things in life!

My foster family has also introduced me to kitties and a few other canine siblings. I definitely enjoy another dog friend but I’d probably be ok as an only pup as well and I’m a little too rough with cats (I guess they’re not quite the same size as me). Do you know any kids? I happen to LOVE kids and tend to warm up to them the fastest. I guess I can just tell they are small and learning like me! Since I’m still young, it might be good for me to go to a home where there are social dogs around so that I can learn from them. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all!

I’m ready to start blossoming into a spunky, goofy, playful guy with my forever family so if you think you’re ready to commit to lots of snuggle time and yummy training sessions just reach out to my friends at PawsCo at and visit this information page: and let’s do it!

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