Meet Holly!

Meet Holly!



Domestic Short Hair


5 years old

9 lbs.


I am a typical cat.

Of course, by typical cat, I mean super friendly, super lovable, very appreciative and especially well-socialized.

And, of course, by typical cat, I mean super sweet, sometimes playful, sometimes lazy and always especially cute!

Yup.  I’m just a typical cat looking for a typical home.

By typical home, of course, I mean one with someone to love me forever, play with me often, cuddle with me daily and never let me go.

One thing to mention is that I have FIV, an immunodeficiency virus. I will very likely live a long and happy life but I may have a weaker immune system as I age. Therefore, I need to be an indoor cat and be fed a nutritious diet to help me stay healthy. Also, for your information, FIV is not transferable to humans or dogs. My PawsCo friends can fill you in on more details and answer any questions you have!

The only thing left is the typical paperwork but that’s easy! And by that I mean, just a quick email to will get the ol’ ball of yarn rolling! Or you can fill out an application here:

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