Meet Emmylou!

Meet Emmylou!

Domestic Short Hair Tabby
2 years old
7 pounds

Well hey there! I’m Emmylou and I’m pleased as punch to make your acquaintance.

I’m a bit of a Southern belle. I pride myself on being sweet as spun sugar. Yes indeed! I like to take life at a leisurely pace and enjoy the newfound comforts of living indoors.

See, I was found malnourished and skinny while caring for eight kittens! I’m a nurturing soul and have been keepin’ an eye on them in the foster home and we’ve been learning just how plum wonderful it is to feel safe. Now my kittens are old enough to move on and find homes of their own, so I guess I need to start looking for my forever family. Good thing I warm up quickly to new friends and love to rub up on people and even mellow dogs. There’s no room for fussin’ and fightin’ in my honest opinion. I’d much rather we all just get along.

Now, I make cute chirping noises that bring a smile to the face of anyone who hears my adorable call. I’m trustworthy and can roam a home while the people are out and not get into any trouble. Truth be told, I’m just looking for a peaceful place to call my own.

Can you please offer me the hospitality I’d so happily return with love and affection? All you have to do is send an email to my friends at PawsCo or fill out an adoption application. Thank you kindly!

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