Meet Dakota!

Meet Dakota!

German Shepherd
4 years old
73 pounds

Hi there! I’m Dakota and I’m hoping you’ll be my best friend!

Sorry, did I come on too strong? This whole find-your-match thing is tricky! Potential partners can be intimidated because I have beauty and brains. I started as a stray and got pretty keyed up when I was forced to stay in a stressful shelter environment, but now I am so happy to be in the PawsCo foster system getting ready for the perfect forever home! So yes, I’m laying my cards on the table: I’m looking for true love.

I know, I know, I’m probably not playing by “The Rules” admitting that I want to find a home that offers stability, a routine, and love. I should flirt and play hard to get and not answer your calls, but that’s not my style! I’m friendly to people and other dogs because I want to be accepted so badly! I’d be a great pet because I’m not super hyper–I have that nice medium energy. A little tug of war or play with a ball is heaven!

Sure, I have some quirks. I don’t understand why people stare at the box they call television, so I try to stare back to see what all the fuss is about (yes, I’m told it’s cute). Cats make me nervous. Maybe it’s because they’re so coy, which I know nothing about. I prefer to snuggle in close for affection or follow people around like the proud dog that I am. I know there’s a reason why canines are called man’s best friend!

If you’re looking for loyalty and love, please email or fill out an adoption application at We will be so happy together!

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