Meet Chopstix!

Meet Chopstix!

Chihuahua, tan
5 years
10 lbs.

I’m Chopstix but you can call me Cutie Pie, if you want to. You also can call me Cuddle Bug or Love Bug or Sweetie if you want to. In fact, you could call me Walks Well on a Leash or Not a Barker, or even Well-behaved Dog who Doesn’t Need a Crate – though those are probably kind of too long.

I think, actually, that I would answer to just about any name that describes a calm dog who loves people, and other dogs, and doesn’t bark, and is super sweet and curious and friendly, and who sleeps nicely at the foot of a bed, and likes to be with his people, and really despises a crate.

Perfect? Sure, you can call me Perfect, if you want to. Mostly though, I’d really just like it, very much in fact, if you would call me Yours.

Email my friends at PawsCo at to learn more about me and visit this information page

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