Meet Carter!

Meet Carter!

White and Brown Chihuahua Mix
7 months old
7.2 lbs.

Carter the Chihuahua mix here reporting from sunny Colorado! Like my role model Kyle Clark of 9News — I am an upbeat fellow that loves to meet new people and share their stories. I’m a rising star hungry for my next assignment — could that be getting to know you?

I have a melancholy start to my own story, but spoiler alert — it all turns out okay! Me and my best friend Chip were abandoned on the border of Kansas and Colorado; but, we were rescued by good samaritans. Talk about a pull at the heartstrings happy ending! Now I’m ready for Part two of my life story where I find a forever home where I can settle in as the number one cuddler in my new family. If you already have kids and/or (small-ish) dogs and cats — that’s fine by me! Are up for double the fun? I would love to find a forever home with Chip.

Like any memorable TV personality, I’m a bright little pup with a big persona and even bigger ears — perfect for the small screen. I’ve learned so much in my short life, including how to sleep happily in my crate, how to sit, and how to come when my name is called! I also earned an A+ in potty-training. I’m sure to get the highest ratings with all these smarts.

Do you think I might be the guy you trust to deliver your nightly news? If you think so, fill out a dog adoption application and email to setup a VIP meet and greet with me. Until we meet — this is Carter, signing off! Good night Colorado — I hope to come home with you soon.  

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