Meet Bubbie!

Meet Bubbie!

Domestic Short Hair
6 years old
9 lbs.

Have you guys heard of this new trend called Cat Memes? Apparently, they’re all the rage on the Interwebs. After seeing a few, I decided I was the inspiration for cat memes! You see, I love being pet, until I don’t like being pet anymore! Apparently, this kind of behavior is super funny to you humans. Well, that’s just me, Bubbie, being Bubbie!

So, I am a youngster but I’ve seen some stuff. When I was just a kitten, I tried out a store and cage environment but really didn’t like it. It was quite lonely and I took to making myself extra clean through grooming. I just wanted to ensure I was as handsome as possible in case my forever family saw me that day! After that, I ended up with the nice folks at PawsCo and now I am in a loving home as a foster pet.

My humans say I am friendly, cheese-motivated, toy-motivated, and after all that motivation, I am sleep-motivated. I am free to roam the house, and to be honest, with all that free time, I just can’t help but nap! I should also note that I am superbly nonchalant with other cats in the house. I secretly like the companionship.

I am definitely on the adoption market and would be so happy to meet you and find out if you think I would be the right gentleman for your home. I promise to keep you company in the kitchen, nap by your side to keep you warm, and provide you with an abundance of inspiration for your venture into cat memes!

Thanks for considering me as an addition to your family. You can apply to adopt me or email my friends at PawsCo to learn more!

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