Meet Bubbie!

Meet Bubbie!

Domestic Short Hair
5 years old
9 lbs.

Sweet. Low-key. Mellow. Respectful of personal space (I’d never lay on your face!)…do these sound like traits you want in your forever feline friend? Well here I am, come and get me.

I’m Bubbie and I am a quiet fellow with a perfect personality mix of friendly and confident but not demanding. It’s enough for me just to be in the same room together with you. I’m told my habit of kneading when I’m happy is especially adorable when I use all four paws at the same time. I have a sophisticated palate – shredded cheese is my favorite snack and I enjoy sipping on fresh water straight from the running faucet.

My foster home has a large well-behaved dog and I don’t mind him at all, so if you have your own respectful pooch or resident feline, I’d be OK with it. I did feel stressed in a previous home that had a dog and other cats and also was not happy living in a free-roaming cat adoption center. I just need to have my own space sometimes. I’d love nothing more than a quiet adult household where we can just bathe in each others’ presence and affection. If you have visitors I’ll be curious and friendly but a bit reserved when it comes to petting.

I lovvvve getting my head scratched but am not a fan of having my paws touched. It’s probably a result of the declawing that was done on me a long time ago. If you remember not to touch my paws I’d really appreciate it.

My foster people have noticed I have a keen interest in trying to go outside, so you’ll need to be super-careful about opening doors. I sure wouldn’t want to end up lost or endangered.

Well that’s about everything there is about me. Please contact to arrange a date after completing this application online

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