Meet Baby!

Meet Baby!


Hound Mix


1 year old

47 lbs.


Hi, I’m Baby, the butt-wiggling Gold Medal winner of the 2018 Puplympics!

How did I do it? Well, let me tell you. Training. Training. Training. Some people think butt-wiggling comes naturally to a dog, but I assure you, it takes a lot of practice. First there is the cardio—I usually walk 30-60 minutes each day. Next, I rigorously play with my toys. Ah, I mean lift weights. Then of course, there are the cuddle sessions focused on building endurance. You’d be amazed to see what a difference a quality cuddle session makes to a butt-wiggling athlete.

At this point you’re probably wondering what’s in it for you—aside from being able to brag about adopting a world-class athlete, of course. Well, I’m at a point in my career where I’m really looking to settle down with a forever family and find my permanent place in life. While the life of a competitive butt-wiggler is awfully exciting, I long for my days to be filled with canine companions, naps, exploring my new neighborhood, and curling up next to my human family and showing them lots of love. I can assure you I’ll be a loyal life-long friend who is friendly, playful, and always happy to see you.

Ready to set up a meeting with me? You know, see the butt-wiggling in person! Email my friends at and fill out this adoption application:

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