Meet Amara!

Meet Amara!

Domestic short hair
1 year old
7 lbs.

Looking for a date to the ball? I am a distinguished debutant and love nothing more than socializing with all the pleasant people in PawsCo!

In my past life, I had the great pleasure or living with other mellow meow-ers and a very dignified doggo. I pride myself on getting along with others. How else does a young feline like myself get a reputation for being classy?

These days, I really make a point of relishing my humans, taking advantage of warm window sills, and dreaming about what a forever family would feel like. I imagine a family who buys me tons of feather toys while ensuring plenty of time for activities such as napping, cuddling, and spending quality time together in other important ways.   

Because my manners are impeccable, I am happy to report that I am an excellent litter-box user, remain calm at the vet, and try my darndest not to be scared of unexpected noises like a loud bark.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a little about me and my refined demeanor.  If you need some charm in your life, look no further!  You can apply to adopt me here: email my friends at to learn more!


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