March Foster of the Month: Kristen Hensel

KristenHenselBy: Victoria Francis

For PawsCo Foster of the Month, Kristen Hensel, fostering is an opportunity to give love and get love, “Dogs are the most amazing things on the planet and they so often deserve so much more than what they get from people,” Kristen said. “I am so grateful to have found PawsCo and to be a part of something wonderful and to do whatever I can to make dogs as happy as they make me.”

The PawsCo Foster Team has been blown away by Kristen’s dedication, especially when it came to ensuring the safety and comfort of her first foster dog, Pepper, a 3-year-old Border Collie Mix. “Knowing that Pepper has a happy life now is the best part of all,” Kristen said.

For many volunteers like Kristen, fostering is the perfect way to help save lives and make a difference, “I wanted to foster because even though I’m not in a position to get another dog full time right now, I can at least hopefully make a difference for dogs while we try to find them their forever homes,” Kristin said. “I wish that I could save all the dogs, but it makes me happy to know that I might even make one dog’s life happier for one day.”

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