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Meet Blossom!

Meet Blossom!


Long Hair Chihuahua/Terrier Mix


3 years old
13 lbs.


Oh hi there, my name is Blossom and I’m looking for someone I can, well, blossom with!

I’ve had a bit of a journey in my short life so far! I came to PawsCo from Texas as one of those “Hurricane Harvey” dogs you might have heard about. Before coming to Colorado I spent most of my life in a shelter so I’m still getting used to my new digs. I’m just taking everything really slowly and making sure I feel totally comfortable before opening up. I promise I’m not playing hard to get, I just need to get to know you a bit before I’m ready to show you my goofy side.  

The good news is that since moving to Colorado I’ve learned a lot of new things! I’m pretty proud of myself for officially being “potty trained.” I’m also learning a lot about the all the different types of friends you can make in this world. My foster family has introduced me to kitties (I love them – they’re just my size!) and a pretty mellow canine brother. I’d definitely enjoy another puppy friend, but right now some of the more pushy pups I’ve met on walks still intimidate me. I just prefer a calm buddy that lets me be me!

I’m also learning a lot about all the fun things to do in life. I absolutely love going for walks! I definitely feel most confident while cruising around the neighborhood and even feel good enough to show off my sassy prance sometimes. I am on my best behavior on the leash and I never pull.

I’m still feeling a little shy around people and being touched – it’s all just so new! My foster family has been really great about taking it slow and showing me that not all humans are bad. I’ve opened up so much already and am starting to learn that being pet or lying next to you on the couch can kinda be great! I already get so excited to see my foster family that I can’t help but spin around in circles, so deep down I know I’m going to find the perfect family that makes me feel safe and loved forever.  

I’m ready to start blossoming into a spunky, sassy, playful girl, so if you think you’re ready to take the leap with me, just reach out to my friends at PawsCo at or fill out an adoption application here and let’s do it!

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