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July Foster of the Month: Amanda Halliday

FOMAmandaHallidayAmanda totally stepped up when Robin, a heartworm positive pup who also had to have eye surgery, needed a foster who could provide him with some extra TLC.

“She has provided everything he needs without hesitation,” says Kate Wessels, PawsCo Foster Director. “Simply put, she’s amazing and Robin wouldn’t have his second chance without her.”

Amanda, who has fostered and volunteered off and on for 10 years with various groups, says she loves fostering because “it is so rewarding to be a part of these dogs’ lives while they are transitioning into their forever homes.”

“I love being able to experience so many different personalities and it’s great for our dog too,” she says.

Amanda and her family would eventually like to adopt a 2nd dog, so fostering is also a great way to make sure they pick the perfect dog while helping to save a bunch of other dogs in the process!

“It is definitely hard to see each one leave, but I know I can save so many more by fostering than trying to keep them all,” she says.

Amanda, who is also on the photography team and about to start helping with Salesforce, says she couldn’t be happier to be a part of PawsCo. “I’ve volunteered with a lot of groups and this is by far the most supportive group I’ve ever been a part of,” she says.

June Foster of the Month: Katie Dahm

KatieDahmAfter moving to Denver from Chicago (where she was also involved with dog rescues and fostering), Katie wanted to continue her work with animals. “PawsCo was recommended to me as a great organization so I knew I had to get involved,” she says.

Katie has been an awesome foster mom to Monty since early May and says “he has brought so much joy to our lives.”

“I started fostering after losing my 13-year-old rescue dog to cancer last year,” Katie says. “It is such a rewarding process to take these pups into our home who have been rescued from all sorts of situations and provide them with unconditional love and support. I am fortunate to have found PawsCo and look forward to having many more future fosters.”

Thanks for all of your hard work and love, Katie!

May Foster of the Month: Marsha Marrier

Marsha Marrier FOM May“The love and dedication that Marsha shows her fosters is above and beyond what we expect and hope for in a foster parent,” said PawsCo Foster Team Lead Adrienne Lanz.

Even though her first fostering experience ended with adopting a puppy, Marsha knew she still had plenty of room in her home and heart to continue to foster. “Many fosters will take a break from fostering after they adopt, but not Marsha! She jumped right back in and welcomed an entire family of kittens in need (and mom, too!) into her home,” said Lanz.

Marsha, who has been fostering dogs and cats for the past few years, says animals are her passion. “I found I have plenty of room and time to help give a life a second chance,” she says.

Fostering and volunteering with PawsCo even helped Marsha make an exciting career change! “I have received so much personal fulfillment and growth from my foster and general volunteer experiences, that when I left my corporate job last winter, I decided to completely change my career path,” she says.

Marsha is now in school to receive her canine behavioral training certification and hopes her new skills will allow her to help PawsCo even further!

PawsCo is so lucky to have such a dedicated foster and volunteer, thanks Marsha!

April Foster of the Month: Megan Davan

MeganMegan, PawsCo’s associate transport director, is an amazing and dedicated foster that remains calm and understanding even in the most challenging situations. She is committed to getting each and every animal the help they need to be happy and healthy in their future forever home.

“We’re in awe of all she does for the animals in her care,” says PawsCo Foster Director Kate Wessels.

For Megan, fostering means falling in love with every animal. And although she eventually has to let each one go, every foster has a special place in her heart.

“I hear people say how lucky each pup was to have me, and I feel it is the other way around,” she says. “Each animal I have fostered has impacted me in a profound and amazing way.”

Some of Megan’s happiest moments are getting updates on how well her fosters are doing and seeing them again with their forever families. “Fostering is the most rewarding thing I think I have ever done,” she says.

And Megan hasn’t just made four-legged friends through PawsCo, she says being a volunteer has helped her meet life-long human friends too.  “I love working side-by-side with amazing people who share similar interests,” she says.

For Megan, being a PawsCo volunteer is a fun and fulfilling way “to impact the lives of dogs, cats and those adopting them.”

On behalf of PawsCo and all of the animals you have helped, thank you Megan for all of your hard work and commitment! We are so lucky to have you on our team.

March Foster of the Month: Kristen Hensel

KristenHenselBy: Victoria Francis

For PawsCo Foster of the Month, Kristen Hensel, fostering is an opportunity to give love and get love, “Dogs are the most amazing things on the planet and they so often deserve so much more than what they get from people,” Kristen said. “I am so grateful to have found PawsCo and to be a part of something wonderful and to do whatever I can to make dogs as happy as they make me.”

The PawsCo Foster Team has been blown away by Kristen’s dedication, especially when it came to ensuring the safety and comfort of her first foster dog, Pepper, a 3-year-old Border Collie Mix. “Knowing that Pepper has a happy life now is the best part of all,” Kristen said.

For many volunteers like Kristen, fostering is the perfect way to help save lives and make a difference, “I wanted to foster because even though I’m not in a position to get another dog full time right now, I can at least hopefully make a difference for dogs while we try to find them their forever homes,” Kristin said. “I wish that I could save all the dogs, but it makes me happy to know that I might even make one dog’s life happier for one day.”

February Foster of the Month: Odie Anaya

Feb16-FOM-OdieAnayaFebruary’s Foster of the Month is dedicated to PawsCo’s feline friends, fostering some of the rescue’s more challenging cat cases.

Odie Anaya started fostering cats and kittens for PawsCo in March 2015, according to Kate Wessels, PawsCo volunteer coordinator.

“We’re pretty proud to have her as a dedicated foster for some of our tougher kitty cases,” Wessels said.

Anaya is currently fostering Fetch, one of PawsCo’s long-timers. “Fetch is pretty shy and has come a long way due to Odie’s patient cuddle sessions,” Wessels said.

Calling Anaya a “go-to foster,” PawsCo TNR Director Malissa MurphSpero said that Anaya is so dedicated to felines that she has two cat tattoos. “She is a cat lady through and through,” she said.