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Meet Flurry!

Meet Flurry!



Husky/Shepherd Mix


1.5 yrs

40 lbs.


Hello, there! My name is Flurry and I am just the most beautiful, sweetest girl who can’t wait to find her forever home!

I have stolen the hearts of my foster parents and they adore my happy, gentle personality. My absolute favorite thing is playing with other dog friends! I just light up when I’m around other dogs and I would do best in a home with at least one other dog friend to play with me and keep me company. I’ve also had the chance to hang out with a cat friend and I did great! But, in general, another dog in the home is still an important factor for me as I really lean on another dog for confidence-building and fun companionship.

I am having so much fun with my foster family and they are teaching me all about being a completely loved pup. I am still really shy and have some anxiety when meeting new people (especially men) and I can take quite some time to feel comfortable in a new situation, so I need a family who can be patient and loving with me and help me continue to build my confidence. I blossom more and more each day with my foster mom and dad and they are so proud of me for all the brave steps I take to becoming a more confident dog. And I can’t wait to continue to flourish in a loving forever home!

So… do you think you have room in your heart for one sweet, gentle, and goofy pup? If so, please contact my friends at PawsCo at or fill out an adoption application here to learn more about me!

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Meet Boo!

Meet Boo!

Cattle Dog/Boxer Mix
2 years old
51 lbs.

Hey there! I’m Boo and I’d like to be your new best friend!

See, I’m one of those honest types. Like, super honest–almost like I don’t have a filter! For instance, I can’t play it cool–you’re probably noticing from my wagging tail that I’m eager to hang out! In fact, a snuggle on the couch would be just delightful!

I love playing outside with other dogs and then coming inside for a peaceful snooze. I’m pretty laid back and just want to chillax indoors. I’m house trained and know all of the classics like come, sit and stay. I’m totally trustworthy when it comes to leaving me home alone–no worries there! I also love toys and I love going for fun hikes in the mountains! I have such a fun energy when I’m exploring new things!

I am working on my comfort with meeting new people right now as new people are a bit intimidating to me at the moment. I am content with the people I know and love but can feel defensive in general when I’m unsure of a new relationship. Therefore, I’d do best in a quieter home where I can just be happy with my humans and not need to meet tons of new people all the time. And I also need to be in a home without children since I have shown to be nervous around young humans as well.

But you know what I’m not scared of? Lots of love and affection from an amazing family! I would make an incredibly loving companion for someone who understands my foibles and can help me feel safe. And I promise you that I will love you and treasure you every day forward if you are my forever person.

I had a chance to meet the kind folks at Denver Animal Care and Control for a breed evaluation and they’ve officially determined that I’m a Cattle Dog mix! That makes me so happy because that means I can live in the city of Denver. The kind folks at PawsCo can provide a written confirmation of my breed evaluation as needed.

Will you please give me a new “leash” on life? All you have to do is email or fill out an adoption application at Thank you so much!

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