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Meet Petey!

Meet Petey!

American Bulldog Mix
5 years old
108 lbs.

Hey there, the name’s Petey, and I am here to find a person who I can make very, very happy. I’m an easygoing, sweet boy who is just content being around my people.

I am a big ole lover, you see, and that means I get along with big people, with kids and with other dogs and cats. One of my very favorite things is to hear that I’m a good boy. When someone tells me that, I just get so excited, because it means my people are happy with me.

I’m really well-behaved and know how to use the doggy door, so I can go in and out all on my own. I like to go for walks, but only if they’re not too long. What I really love is cuddling up with people on the couch for a nice relaxing evening. I have a few allergies that will have to be managed, but with a good routine, that should be easy to handle. And compared to how much love I have to give, a touch of allergies is nothing!

So what do you say? Should we get together so I can show you what a good boy I am? Email by friends at and check out this information page:

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