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Meet Max!

Meet Max!

Labrador/Shepherd mix
8 months
44 lbs. (and growing!)

Don’t let my looks deceive you. I know I appear to be a very strong and confident guy on the outside, but on the inside, I’m still working on it. I think I could definitely be that guy one day though! I just need a little bit of help getting there because right now, I’m more the shy and quiet type. Some might even say I’m timid, but wouldn’t you be too if you were just a young pup? I mean, who really likes loud noises anyways?

I’ve got a lot to learn still, it’s true, like where the best place for a potty break is and how to walk with that silly leash thing that everybody thinks is so great but with your help, I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

I mean, I already know how to play nicely with other dogs, and with toys, and I’ve even learned that cats can be pretty cool too. Lately though, I’ve realized that people are probably the coolest ever! I like to be sure though so just give me a minute to feel comfortable and then prepare yourself for sweet, sweet cuddle time!

The bottom line is that I have, what they call, “great dog potential”. I just need a kind-hearted person to help me out with a few more things and then, Viola!, Good Dog Max will become Great Dog Max!

If you think you are that person (and I think you are!) please reach out to PawsCo at and fill out the dog adoption application here: Let’s get started! Great Dog Max awaits!

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Meet Lobo!

Meet Lobo!

Golden Retriever Mix
1 year old
57 lbs.

PawsCo Paper! Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Lobo the Dog is in search of a place to call home! Grab your PawsCo Paper here!

Hey folks of all ages! I’m Lobo, and I’m the head journalist for the PawsCo Paper. As a dedicated writer, I am in a constant search for the next breaking news story. Today it just so happens to be about me. The headline isn’t an incredibly catchy one…I’m looking for my forever home! And I’d love to give you all the important facts about why I will be such an amazing companion for you.

I’d like to report that I am such a sweet guy, and am very affectionate and loving. I love being around people; they like to do a lot of interesting and notable things like giving me ear scratches and belly rubs. I do need a home where my human is around a lot of the time as I’m still learning to be confident when left home alone. But every professional writer needs a great editor and friend to help steer their vision in the right direction with some welcomed advice, right? I’m making progress with my confidence with this but a patient, understanding human companion who can help me with my confidence building will be very helpful for me!

Being a passionate journalist requires a lot of commitment and social cues. And I show these qualities in my ability to get along great with other dog journalist friends! I have a blast playing with the other dogs in my foster home and I’d love to have a dog companion in my forever home as well! I haven’t met any cats yet so I don’t know if I’d do well with cat friends. I also can be a tad uncomfortable with the interview skills of small children so I’d do best in a home with adult companions or older kiddos (over 10yrs old would be best for me!)

BREAKING NEWS: Lobo the Dog received highest marks for Best Personality and Cutest Dog category! (These facts are not made up. They are provided by Lobo himself.)

Well, what do you say? Will you become the best story that has ever graced the front page of the PawsCo Paper by adopting me?

Email your story to my friends at PawsCo or fill out an adoption application on the PawsCo website to become the next great headline for Lobo the Dog, Journalist Extraordinaire!

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Meet Bear!

Meet Bear!

Shepherd Mix
3 years old
81 lbs.

Hey! I’m Bear. Want to hear my story?

I have a lot in common with another Bear: Baloo from “The Jungle Book.” I had kind of a rough start in life: I tried to escape from a basement where I spent most of my time locked away. When I did have visitors, things were chaotic and stressful. So now I’m trying to take a page from Baloo’s book:

Look for the bare necessities
The simple bare necessities
Forget about your worries and your strife
I mean the bare necessities
Old Mother Nature’s recipes
With just the bare necessities of life

There have been so many recent changes to my life, and I’m learning to take them in stride. The greatest discovery I’ve made is how amazing it is to feel affection! I love having my head scratched and my belly rubbed. When I trust you, I’ll start by sitting nearby, but the next thing you know, my head will be in your lap.

I’ve also found relaxing in the sunshine to be a pure delight! I’m pretty calm most of the time, and I’m not destructive when I’m left alone. In fact, I’d be a couch potato if you let me! Oh—I can’t forget another of life’s little pleasures: getting brushed is absolute heaven! I love listening to people and taking walks. I’d never encountered a vegetable before, but it’s pretty fun to learn about this new snack while I trim down!

There’s still a lot I need to learn about. I like things to move slowly. That’s why it’s alarming when, say, a veterinarian tries to give me a shot, or a dog tries to wrestle with me. I will wrestle back—I play pretty rough! Nobody messes with a Bear, right? I don’t want to be teased by kids or cats or little dogs—just not my style. Chaos is not my friend! I’d do well in a home where someone patient and mellow could make me feel safe and help me overcome stressful things that make me feel threatened.

I’m worth it since essentially, I’m really a sweetheart, a big softie. I just need to find the right home that will make me feel safe and help me enjoy the bare necessities—the bare necessity, really: love!

Will you please offer me the chance I need? All you have to do is email or fill out an adoption application at The Bear necessity of life will come to you!

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Meet Izzy & Jazzy!

Meet Izzy & Jazzy!

Izzy & Jazzy
Tibetan Spaniel mixes
5 years
15 lbs.

Do you believe in second chances? Well, so do we! In fact, we believe in third chances too. The reason being that PawsCo gave us a second chance at life nearly three years ago with the most loving, kind, treat-wielding family. Very sadly, our phenomenal mother passed away, and so PawsCo came to our rescue once again to ensure that we find yet another incredible home in which to share our love and adorable sisterly antics.

Because we know firsthand that you make the most of EVERY opportunity this life gives you, you can rest assured that we know just how to live well. As sisters, we do everything together. We’re happy to snuggle up in the same lap, lounge on the same bed (right next to our people, of course), playfully tug on the same toy, and enjoy every meal together. Life is better when it’s shared with someone that you love. While we have each other, we also know that we have so much silly sweetness to bring into a wonderful home.

Because we are such a bonded pair, we are looking for a home where we can be adopted together. We promise that we will bring so much love and happiness to your home and you will be so happy you chose to adopt two pups together! We do just fine with another dog in the home and we’re even comfortable around cat friends too! We are completely potty trained, love going on walks around the neighborhood, and are just as sweet as can be. We also would do just fine with older kids in the house (toddlers might be overwhelming to us since we can be a tad shy with new people.)

So what do you say—round three with a couple of Tibetan Spaniels? We know that you won’t regret taking a chance on us! We can’t wait to fill your home with so much happiness and love If you are interested in more information, send an email to and fill out an adoption application at

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Meet Elsa!

Meet Elsa!

Bull Terrier
4 years old
38 lbs.

Yes, you are correct…I am just about the most adorable girl you’ve ever seen! And I can assure you that my adorable personality and kind soul matches my beautiful exterior just perfectly. And I just can’t wait to find an amazing forever family to share my life with and bring so much joy to!

I’ve adjusted so well to being in my foster home and I continue to flourish each and every day! I’m still a bit shy and am learning about how to be more confident with new people. But once I’ve built that initial trust, I’m just a doll and am enjoying affection from my foster mom. I also do really well with my dog friend in my foster home! We co-exist really nicely with each other (I’m not super into constantly playing with another dog so I’d do best with a dog who is more easy going and can be a laid-back companion with me.) I have been a bit too curious towards cats when I’ve been introduced to them so I do need to be in a home without a cat friend.

What are some other adorable traits about me? Well…I’m really good at playing with my favorite “pie” toy-I love to carry it around wherever I go and it’s just the cutest! I think toys are like sprinkles of sugar on the donut of life! I also am potty trained and have adjusted just fine to being in a kennel when my foster mom is away during the day.

I do need to share one slightly embarrassing piece of information about myself (not something a lady like me wants to share at an initial meeting but I guess we do need to get to know each other pretty quickly to ensure we’re a great match!) I have something called incontinence, which basically means I sometimes can’t “hold” my pee in for longer periods of time (like throughout the night and on a longer day in the kennel.) I am on a medication that helps me control that a lot and I may need to be on that medicine long-term. I also have some skin allergies that have improved with a some medicine, special baths and a healthy diet of grain-free novel protein food (you’ll still see my nose has signs of those allergies but it’s continuing to heal and I feel so much better!) The total cost for both my medications is around $100/month.The nice folks at PawsCo can fill you in on the rest of the details about my medical needs but I do need a forever family who is understanding and patient with me with these needs.

So if you think that you’re ready for a completely devoted new friend, and are able to help me get more and more comfortable with the good life, then please send an email to and fill out an adoption application at I can’t wait to meet you!

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