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Meet Nalie!

Meet Nalie!

American Staffordshire Terrier mix
5 years old
70 lbs.


Are you looking for a new bestie? If so, I’m your girl! I just love being with “my person” and offer so much love and companionship. I enjoy ear scratches and belly rubs from my main squeeze but I’m also great at just hanging by your feet, playing with my toys and taking wonderful naps.

I’m always up for new adventures and enjoy going on walks, runs, hikes – anything that gets me outside in the fresh Colorado air. I’d prefer to be in a home where I’m the only pet, as I haven’t totally gotten the hang of making new dog friends. I don’t have much experience with kids, but I like people, and they’re just small people, right?

Once I’m settled into a new home, you’ll see my goofy side come out. I’m playful and love toys but also appreciate lazy afternoons. My foster says I’m a polite houseguest and am content hanging out in my crate. I promise that once you meet me, you’ll see what a special pup I am.

Email my friends at PawsCo at or fill out an adoption application to learn more about me!

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Meet Bubbie!

Meet Bubbie!

Domestic Short Hair
5 years old
9 lbs.

Have you guys heard of this new trend called Cat Memes? Apparently, they’re all the rage on the Interwebs. After seeing a few, I decided I was the inspiration for cat memes! You see, I’m obsessed with cheese. Apparently, this is super funny to you humans. Well, that’s just me, Bubbie, being Bubbie!

When I was younger and looking for a family, I tried out a store cage environment but really didn’t like it. It was quite lonely as I waited for a forever family that never came. After that, I ended up with the nice folks at PawsCo, and now I am in a loving foster home and demanding shredded cheese on the regular.

My humans say I am very friendly, cheese-motivated, toy-motivated, and after all that motivation, I am sleep-motivated. I am free to roam the house, and to be honest, with all that free time, I just can’t help but nap! I should also note that I am superbly nonchalant with other cats in the house and we get along just fine.

I am definitely on the adoption market and would be so happy to meet you and find out if you think I would be the right gentleman for your home. I promise to keep you company in the kitchen, nap by your side to keep you warm, rub up against your legs, and provide you with an abundance of inspiration for your venture into cat memes!

Thanks for considering me as an addition to your family. You can apply to adopt me or email my friends at PawsCo to learn more!

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Meet Boo!

Meet Boo!

Cattle Dog/Boxer Mix
2 years old
51 lbs.

Hey there! I’m Boo and I’d like to be your new best friend!

See, I’m one of those honest types. Like, super honest–almost like I don’t have a filter! For instance, I can’t play it cool–you’re probably noticing from my wagging tail that I’m eager to hang out! In fact, a snuggle on the couch would be just delightful!

I love playing outside with other dogs and then coming inside for a peaceful snooze. I’m pretty laid back and just want to chillax indoors. I’m house trained and know all of the classics like come, sit and stay. I’m totally trustworthy when it comes to leaving me home alone–no worries there!

I also love toys and I love going for fun hikes in the mountains! I have such a fun energy when I’m exploring new things!

I am working on my comfort with meeting new people right now as new people are a bit intimidating to me at the moment. I am totally content with the people I know and love but can feel defensive in general when I’m unsure of a new relationship. Therefore, I’d do best in a quieter home where I can just be happy with my humans and not need to meet tons of new people in general. And I also need to be in a home without children since I have shown to be nervous around young humans as well.

But you know what I’m not scared of? Lots of love and affection from an amazing family! I would make an incredibly loving companion for someone who understands my foibles and can help me feel safe. And I promise you that I will love you and treasure you every day forward if you are my forever person.

Will you please give me a new “leash” on life? All you have to do is email or fill out an adoption application at Thank you so much!

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All About Miss Kitty

All About Miss Kitty

By Donna Flowers

Prep the tissues for a happy ending to a sad story.

Miss Kitty is a fluffy 14-year-old ball of love and affection that was unceremoniously dumped at a shelter when her owner died. Afraid of where she was, missing her warm home and companions and suffering from extreme dental issues, Miss Kitty was quickly losing weight and her will to live.

But cats have nine lives, right?

When we first met Miss Kitty, her fur was matted and dirty, she was a bag of bones and she had a definite need to be held. All the time. By everybody and anybody. She wanted to be in your lap. If not there, then in your arms. And definitely right beside you in bed. It was borderline annoying!  But she is so easy to love that we obliged and she has since regained her confidence, as well as her beautiful fur coat, and has settled into a nice routine of snoozing on her own before seeking out a lap.

Oh, and eating! PawsCo addressed all of Miss Kitty’s dental issues and she is slowly, but surely, regaining her girlish figure. With only two teeth to her name, however, soft food is certainly best (though she has been seen sneaking the dog’s kibble!)

She currently lives with another foster cat and a young dog and they all tolerate each other just fine and share everything.

Except laps.

Thumper’s Story

Thumper’s Story

By Donna Flowers, Thumper’s foster mom

Thumper. What a cat!

I have had the pleasure of fostering this 14-year-old boy for just over a month now and I really must say that he is a delight.  His backstory is a little fuzzy – he was turned in as a stray, but as a very sweet and declawed cat, he must have been a beloved house cat at one time and the quickness at which he settled in confirms it.

Thumper is like all the cats you’ve ever known all rolled into one handsome ball. He is mellow most of the time, but likes to play sometimes as well. He is just as happy to lie in the window as he is to lounge on your lap, but is equally content to ignore you altogether for a few hours at a time. He has a very curious personality – always wanting to check out the closets and watch out the windows, but has zero interest in dogs!  He gets along well with my other foster cat, however; they mostly ignore each other despite sharing everything.

He loves to eat and is very insistent that you should share whatever it is you are eating from whatever bag you just opened. He also loves to be loved when he wants to be loved. He will follow you around the house, beg for treats, sleep on your feet, purr when you hold him…and then he will steal away for his, “Me Time.”

As an older (and wiser!) cat, he has developed a bit of arthritis that causes him to look a little drunk when he walks, but with a daily dose of his arthritis medicine (which he likes!), he gets around just fine.

I think I would sum Thumper up best as a Low-Maintenance Best Friend; one who is warm, loving, entertaining, and appreciative, but doesn’t need you to call him all the time. 🙂