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Milkshake: The Sweet Treat You’ve Been Waiting For

Milkshake: The Sweet Treat You’ve Been Waiting For
By Ashton Haga, Milkshake’s Foster Mom

IMG_3674Milkshake did not have an easy start in life. She came to me as an absolutely terrified 6-month-old kitten. She had a severe case of ringworm, and she had clearly had little interaction with humans previously (at least positive humans). With extensive vetting we were able to kick the ringworm and get Milkshake 100 percent healthy, but the idea of transforming her from a wild animal to a house cat was daunting.


We had to start slow and work our way up. From getting used to my voice, to getting used to my presence, and finally my touch, we took baby steps. With time, she was warming up and actually starting to show that she enjoyed my company.


Once Milkshake was introduced to the household, she found her saving grace: her kitty foster brother. She stuck with him 24/7 and started imitating the behaviors she saw! She picked up meal times, the best places to snooze in the sun during the day, and that being around humans was actually kind of fun!


Fast forward four months and it’s hard to believe that was how we started! Milkshake is absolutely thriving now. She has gone from scared kitten to confident cat, and she loves to play. She knows that one day she WILL catch that laser pointer!
Milkshake is still a little skittish around excited puppies or unexpected movements, but she bounces back almost immediately. The thing is, she WANTS to be with you, and she’s willing to offer a little more trust to make that happen. She will happily follow you from room to room just to be near you. No matter what’s going on, she’s not too far off, and her favorite place to sleep at night is in bed next to you.


Now, just like her name, Milkshake is a truly sweet treat. She’s looking for a forever family that’s willing to give her a little adjustment time. She’s learning that humans are a good thing after all, and she’s ready for her perfect human (that’s you!) to come along. Just look at those fluffy cheeks… How can you resist?