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Meet Ringo!

Hey Jude, don’t make it bad. Take a sad soooooong, and make it better! Remember, to let her into your heart. Then you can staaart to make it better!

Oh hi there, I’m Ringo! I was just singing a song by another, super-famous guy who’s also named Ringo. His band made lots of good songs, but I like to sing that one because helps remind me to stay positive and let people love me when times get tough. See, I’ve been adopted and returned a couple of times and that made me pretty sad, but I’m so excited to find a forever home that will be perfect for me!

I’m a sweet, active boy who loves to cuddle and play just like any younger dog. I’m really well-behaved in my foster home and never tear up anything or make messes, so my foster mom lets me have free reign of the house while she’s away. I love to play with toys, especially stuffed ones and the chewy kind, and I get along fine with other dogs and cats, too. I’ve had some bad experiences with kids, so I should probably have a forever home that doesn’t have any kids.

Overall, I’m just a really good boy who has been let down by people too many times. Could you be the one to love me forever? Email my friends at and check out this information page:

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