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Meet Gigi!

Yorkshire Terrier
8 years
10 lbs.

Hi there! My name is Gigi, and I’m the kind of girl who will make your life brighter just by being in it. I’m a yorkie entering her golden years, and looking for a lifelong companion who I can share the couch with. Though, I might need some assistance getting up there!

No, please don’t get up! I’d prefer to sit right next to you. In fact, I’m famous for my kisses. And, my arm snuggles are legendary. I’m not moving as fast as I once was, so soaking in as much quiet time with my humans is the top of my bucket list.

I’d love for you to help me forget all about being a stray from Texas, and know the warmth and love of a new family. I am happy if my new family includes kiddos and other pooches. I don’t know how I feel about cats, because I haven’t been introduced to any yet.

Are you the forever family who will make all my dreams come true? If you think so, email to set-up meet and greet at PawsCo and check out this information page: I’d love to be your best gal pal!


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