Adoptable Dog’s Wish List

A white bull terrier with a green bandanna around his neck

Hamilton at the Broken Shovels farm

By Katelyn Massey

My name is Katelyn and my boyfriend and I have been fostering Hamilton for the past three months. It’s been quite an adventure with this special boy. Based on our time together, we’ve come up with three specific wishes for this adoptable dog. If Hamilton had his own “genie in a bottle,” this is what we would request.

I wish everyone could see how amazing he is.

Yes, he is unique-looking. Yes, he is a sweetheart. But he is so much more than that. Hamilton is truly a special soul and whoever adopts him is signing up for a lifetime of cuddles and smiles. He is pretty easy to please – he just needs a soft bed, a yummy bone, some ear scratches, and lots of snuggle time!

Hamilton is a low-energy dog who enjoys a walk every now and then and would prefer a laid-back mom or dad to hang out with and love. He doesn’t have much interest in other pups and would be just fine as an only pet (though he gets along with his foster sister very well!). When you look into Hammie’s eyes, you just see such appreciation – for being rescued, for having humans who care about him, for a warm bed, and full tummy. Hammie appreciates life.

Two terrier dogs snuggle face-to-face

Hamilton snuggles with Loka, his foster sister.

I wish that I could erase his past.

It’s evident that Hammie didn’t live the best life before PawsCo. He came to us very overweight, with skin issues, loss of hair on his elbows/knees, and nails curling under his paws. His fur was a brownish-yellow color. It was clear that he had been neglected, and probably for a long while. I don’t think he had ever lived in a house before.

The physical scars from Hamilton’s past will fade over time, but the emotional and psychological scars will linger for a while. Now that he has people paying attention to him and showing him kindness, he craves it. He is already very attached to us as foster parents.

He lacks confidence, which is apparent when he meets new people or dogs. He is unsure of himself because he likely hasn’t had a lot of great experiences with other humans or canines in his past life. He looks to us for direction and that is when I can tell what an amazing dog he really is–and what great potential he has for his future. We’ve been going to training to work on his confidence, but it will take time for him to live up to his true potential.

I wish he could find the best forever home.

While we absolutely love Hamilton, it’s not the right time for us to commit to a second dog. We have more fostering to do, and adopting another dog wouldn’t allow us to help other animals in need. Hammie is a special boy and he needs a “forever” commitment. But if you’re willing to commit to him, you’re going to be greatly rewarded with tons of love, unwavering devotion, and many laughs along the way.

I know that a “perfect” home doesn’t exist, but we plan on finding one that’s pretty darn close. Unfortunately, the longer this takes, the more attached he becomes to us. Though we love him, we want him to find his forever home so he can have an easier transition and can start developing a relationship with his new mom or dad. In the mean time, we’ll appreciate the time we get to spend with him because he truly is a great companion.

Can you make our wishes come true? Check out Hamilton’s bio to learn more about this adoptable dog.

Adoptable dog looks at the camera with flowers in the background.

Hamilton poses for the camera.

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on "Adoptable Dog’s Wish List"

  • karen and Ted Smith says

    Our dogs are pound puppies as was our little pom who just died. I’m in mourning, but I do want another dog to cuddle and love as I did Katie, our little gal who followed me everywhere. I’m not sure if I can find a dog, preferably a pom, that I would love as I did Katie. I figure I won’t find out if I don’t try to find one. Our other two dogs are large, but very smart and very good and very loved. They are 10 years old, I think without looking. Katie was 13. I may break down and buy a pom, but I would rather find on that is an adoption. I can’t send you a lot of money.

  • karen and Ted Smith says

    I’ve said a reply above. k

  • karen and Ted Smith says

    Our little dog we just lost we got from Dumb Friends League. She was a white pom, and very much a pom with all the wonderful pom traits. We have two large dogs, pound puppies from Biloxi,MS. They are about 11 years old. They got along well with Katie, our little pom. In many ways, she ran the roost. My husband and I are retired, but active in various things like bridge, ushering at the theater, etc. We do not have a lot of money as we are waiting for a house to sell and hard telling how long it will take as it is in Biloxi which isn’t a good place right now. That’s about all I know to say. I want another pom. karen

  • Phyllis says

    There is an adorable small Pom at Every Creature Counts in Ft. Lupton. I think there is a health issue but it certainly doesn’t affect her personality.

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