Adoption Event at Broken Shovels Farm

A small tan and white Chihuaha

Dolly, a 3-year-old Chihuahua mix

Our friends at Broken Shovels Farm were kind enough to host us for an adoption event recently. Our dogs and cats weren’t the only animals on hand, as those who came got to mingle with a farm full of goats. Some went home with the farm’s delicious goat yogurt, goat cheese, and produce. The event led to two successful adoptions and an additional application that is pending.

Check out our Events page for more fun happenings. Scroll down to take a look at pictures of our adoptable dogs and the farm’s goats. Click on the pictures of Dolly and Hamilton to learn more about them, as they are still adoptable (Goats not available for adoption, but perhaps you could make an offer to the fine folks at Broken Shovels).

Three women stand around a table at an adoption event

The PawsCo team showing off some kittens

A white bull terrier with a green bandanna around his neck

Hamilton, a 4-year-old English Bull Terrier

A black and white goat tries to eat a woman's shirt.

Sometimes, shirts are food.

Black and white goat eating a white shirt.


A little girl pets a tan dog.

Charlie, an 11-month-old mix.

A horned, white goat naps against a plastic tub.

Nap time.

A tan and white dog sits on a woman's shoulder.

Roxie, a 3-month-old Red Heeler.

Two black dogs, one wearing a green bandanna, and the other a red bandanna

Bear (left) and Stryker (right), a couple of mixes.

A small black and white goat takes a bite at a person's finger.

A goat protecting his car.

Two goats, one standing on the car, and one standing next to it.

A couple of goats pass the afternoon on a car.

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